TRX Suspension Training


Jennifer Pede with body by design as added TRX to herpersonal training services. Here is some info explaining the TRX program and outing the benefits TRX offers:

The TRX is a suspension trainer that was originally developed by the US Navy Seals to train other Seals when there was no equipment available. It is a complete total-body, functional training tool that can challenge all aspects of your fitness including strength, power, cardiovascular fitness, balance, flexibility and core stability. Jennifer fully believes in TRX Training because it can be used on anyone from a beginner fitness level to super advanced. Because it is controlled by your own body, that means YOU can control the intensity of each exercise and when you combine the resistance of your own body weight from gravity on this tool--you will really find your body being pushed in a way that you never imagined. It is fabulous for ALL fitness levels.

Call Jennifer today to book your TRX training session and take your fitness to the next level.

Jennifer Pede, CPT

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